Get More Upvotes and Followers by SteemFollower

it is simple. Upvote and follow other steemians, and get Upvoted and followed by other steemians.

You will Login with Steemconnect, we never store your information on server or on your browser.So, Hacking your account by this site is impossible.

Referral Program:
By our referral system, you will receive 5% of your Referrals Upvote.

Triple your followers:
By our referral system , you will get 3 follower per 1 referral.

created by @nomadics

Awesome Reward System

Reward System:
You will get extra Reward Upvote for every upvote you made. and Specially Minnows Will Get Back More Reward.

Check out Left Image.

What is the Meaning of Over %?
It is possible to get upvote more than this amount, For example, one upvote from a whale!

It is Beta lunch, if there is any bug, report by Discord Channel,, or [email protected]